Can External Audio/Video Sources be Used?

Can External Audio/Video Sources be Used?

Thanks to a small device connected to the software, external audio/video sources can also be connected and used,

for example, the audio from the teacher’s PC, a DVD, an Mp3 player, a tablet.

Can the control software of a multimedia language lab be used in combination with external audio or video sources? Read more! Read more!

Control software: what it is and what it is for

Managing activities in a multimedia language laboratory is certainly not something that can be done independently by the teacher, as there are many aspects to be considered. The list of students and the scheduling of activities require careful planning, which is why opting for control software is indispensable. Thanks to this solution, the teacher will be able to schedule modules, lessons and assignments while keeping track of the students’ progress at all times. Control software is very easy to use, as it is characterised by the presence of a graphic interface that makes its use very simple. Once purchased, moreover, they do not require annual fees and can be used indefinitely, even if the devices on which they were first installed are changed. In addition, the teacher who is going to use the control software for multimedia language labs can count on technical assistance, ready to give training both in presence and at a distance, so as to understand the perfect functioning of the software so that it can be used without any type of problem on the part of the teacher. In any case, it is possible to say that opting for a multimedia language laboratory for learning a new foreign language is, without a shadow of a doubt, an extremely advantageous choice for various reasons: one of these is the possibility of being able to follow the lessons according to one’s own schedule and without the need to be necessarily present on the premises, precisely because the courses can also be followed remotely.

Can control software be used with external audio and video sources?Multimedia language laboratories provide for lessons to be conducted remotely, since presence on the premises is not necessary for students to follow the lessons. In any case, the control software for multimedia language labs can also be used with external audio or video sources: this is made possible by the fact that the software is based on the presence of a small device, which, once connected, allows the use of external audio or video sources such as, for example, the audio of the teacher’s PC, a DVD, an Mp3 player, a tablet and much more. In this way, all activities will seem more dynamic, which will also benefit the students as they will be able to learn the language in an extremely simple way and, thanks to the use of these tools, they will be able to follow the lessons more attentively, without becoming distracted. Thanks to the control software, students will be guided in the learning of a new foreign language and at the same time, teachers will be able to count on considerable help. The language courses offered by multimedia language laboratories can be attended by people of any age group: depending on the starting level, the teacher will take care to place the student in the right group.