Flexible and Interactive Multimedia-Language Laboratory

Nibelung is a specially developed software for the creation of multimedia and engaging language content. It allows you to customize your teaching according to your own methods and to manage your class interactively.

One-time software license payment without annual subscriptions

Interaction with students

Multimedia Content

NIBELUNG software allows up to 10 independent audio/video sources to be used simultaneously:

NIBELUNG does not require the use of expensive multimedia servers or other devices. In fact, the software makes it easy to create multimedia learning materials by combining text, image, audio and video files. The built-in multimedia recorder allows students to view or listen to audio-video content while simultaneously recording their own voice and playing it back for comparison. In this way, students can enjoy a fully interactive learning experience, improving comprehension and pronunciation in a fun and stimulating context.

Creating stimulating activities

With Nibelung you will improve lesson efficiency through a wide range of teaching activities:

Quiz & Exam Building

The integrated quiz system is the ideal practice tool for students. It allows the teacher to prepare a quiz with different question types and voice response options:

The result of the test can be checked in real time by showing the incorrect/correct answers to the students. The quiz player is also available in a “home” version to allow students to practice at home.


Nibelung on Tablet brings back all the advantages of a feature-rich language lab combined with the mobility and portability of mobile devices

Interpretation training

Nibelung is the ideal software for language interpreting exercises in the lab, allowing students to practice simultaneous and consecutive interpreting from one language to another.

System's requirements