Class-room Software Control

  • Language Learning
  • Classroom Management, Monitoring & Control
  • Interaction with students
  • Video Streaming
  • Audio Communication
  • Able to use a vast range of resources
  • Multimedia Recorder
  • Quizzes and Exams

Language Learning

Our Digital Language lab is designed to effectively use class time for engaging lessons with the latest multimedia teaching content.
It allows you to divide the class into several sessions and to begin different activities for each session at the same time.

  • easy to manage computer classes,
  • transfer audio,
  • stream video data,
  • use various documents and files as didactic materials. 

Combine methods to individualise learning as you wish.

Interaction with students

  • ONE WAY LISTENING – be able to privately listen to the student’s microphone
  • TALK with a selected student, group or whole class
  • RECORD student’s speech
  • RECORD CONVERSATIONS student to student, student to teacher, etc.
  • PROGRAM LAUNCH for a selected group or for the whole class
  • MESSAGE EXCHANGE between teacher and students
  • FILE TRANSFER to a selected group or for the whole class
  • BROADCAST SCREEN with a microphone of teacher’s PC or selected student’s PC to give instructions
Media sources

Software NIBELUNG allows to use up to 10 independent audio/video sources simultaneously:

  • teacher
  • selected student
  • audio files
  • audio CDs
  • several sound cards
  • video files
  • live video
  • YouTube

Software NIBELUNG doesn’t require expensive multimedia servers or other equipment. With NIBELUNG it is easy to create own learning materials combining text, images, audio and video files. Any analogue audio can be digitized.
Feature-rich multimedia recorder allows students to listen or to view content and to record their voice at the same time. Recordings from the master track can be played back simultaneously for comparison. It enables students to better understand the correct pronunciation while providing fun.

Create stimulating classroom activities

Increase effectivity of lessons with a wide range of activities for learning:

  • Listening
  • Discussion
  • Reading
  • Voice recording with AudioGraph
  • Chat to a selected groups
  • Imitation of Phone conversations
  • Work with files prepared by teachers
  • Homework file formation, distribution and collection;
  • Self-access
  • Web browsing as a mode, in which Internet browsers are run on the student’s PCs according to teacher’s commands.
Quiz system

The built-in quiz system is a tool for student reinforcement and feedback. It allows teachers to prepare a quiz with different question styles and possibility of voice answer:

  • Single and Multiple answers from a number of options
  • Fill in the Gaps – inserting of missing word(s)
  • Matching Pairs with correct answers
  • Sequence – put the answers in specified order
  • Open answer – text area for answering quiz question
  • Drag and Drop – arrange the correct text answers on relevant areas of the picture
  • Hot spot – choose areas of the picture as an answer for the question

Current test results can be checked and right/wrong answers can be shown to students. Quiz Player extends learning beyond the classroom to the student’s home.


NIBELUNG on Tablets brings all the advantages of mobility and portability into a feature-packed Digital Language lab.

  • Voice and text chats in groups
  • Audio and video streaming
  • Share the screen of the teacher’s PC
  • Multimedia recorder
  • Block screen
Interpreter Training

NIBELUNG is perfectly suited for use in the interpreter training laboratory, it allows students to practice simultaneous, consecutive and distance interpreting.

  • Audio source recording
  • Student voice recording
  • Two-track player & recorder (Source + Student)
  • Bookmarks and subtitles
  • Several sessions simultaneously
System Requirements
  • Processor frequency 1 GHz
  • At least 1 GB of memory is recommended
  • 100 MB of free space on the hard disk for program installation
  • AC97 or RealTek HD Audio compatible sound card
  • LAN or Wi-Fi interface
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Android tablet

Ask us for DEMO version!


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