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Lain S.r.l. Vat. N. IT03659810042.
LAIN S.r.l. – Registered Office : Via Statuto, 6 bis 12100 Cuneo (ITALY)
Tel. +39.392.‎9385337

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We seek the following:

  • Distributors/resellers
  • System integrators and technology consultants who work with educational institutions and school districts
  • Providers of distance-learning curricula and services
  • Other suppliers of hardware, furniture, or equipment for computer labs

What we can offer:

  • Software product with strong competitive advantages
  • Remote demo installation
  • Comprehensive and specialized training
  • Advertising and marketing materials
  • Best-in-market warranties and support
  • Ability to adapt products to local needs
  • One-time payment – no annual fees
  • Fast shipping