Multimedia Digital Language Labs Software & Equipment

Free learning tools

Feature-packed multimedia player/recorder allows students to learn a language at their own pace. Quiz player extends learning beyond the classroom to the students’ homes.

Individualized learning

You can divide class into several sessions and begin different activities for each session at the same time. Combine methods to individualize learning as you wish with Language learning equipment and software.

Update & Support

You will never have out-of-date software, because we provide minor upgrades and upgrading to new versions for free for language learning software and equipment for schools. We also provide lifetime technical support for free for multimedia language learning Software equipment, language laboratory equipment software, language lab hardware equipment with Language tools and software furnishing for laboratory equipment.

Wi-Fi ready

All features can be used in wireless LAN environments to create a wireless language lab. Laptop cart with pre-installed software allows you to turn any room into a fully functional IT-based learning environment in laboratory information system software, Multimedia Software equipment for learning and language lab software and equipment for schools.

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During this one-hour session we will provide a demonstration of NIBELUNG
and discuss features and advantages of teaching in the language lab.
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Why Choose Us

We are in constant contact with our customers to make our software very user friendly and quite advanced.

We build fully featured solutions in one package, thereby making the choice a no-brainer.

We customize our solutions to fit customers’ specific needs.

We build and encourage strong partnerships.

We provide free tools for stand-alone learning.

We provide lifetime upgrades & support.

Multi-screen design

We Offer

  • Software product with strong competitive advantages;
  • Remote demo installation;
  • Comprehensive and specialized training;
  • Advertising and marketing materials;
  • Best-in-market warranties and support;
  • Ability to adapt products to local needs;
  • One-time payment – no annual fees;
  • Fast shipping.