IDL is a professional product, specially designed to reproduce high quality audio signals, fundamental when carrying out language learning activities

IDL Audio Active

IDL A.A. offers a diverse and complete choice of functions. It is designed to enhance oral communication and allows simple linguistic exercises, reproducing typical everyday situations. The completely graphical interface makes IDL a simple and immediate tool from the first use and lesson with the class.

  • Requires the only PC – on teacher’s workstation
  • Users require no technical or IT skills
  • Highly user friendly, ensuring constant total control over classes and class activities
  • Suitable for highly intensive use
  • Zero maintenance required by educational staff
  • An effective work tool as it imposes no specific operating conditions on the trainer

TEACHING ACTIVITIES Audio Language Communication Software

  • Listening to an audio source, listening and comprehension exercises
  • Talking / Speaking with or without recording in the teacher master position (one at a time)
  • Oral examination with or without recording in the teacher position (one at a time)
  • Using the video network (optional) listening and watching an external video source: DVD, Satellite, teacher’s PC, etc.


  • Teacher’s communication with one student, a group or the whole class simultaneously
  • Intercom, the teacher enables bidirectional communication with the selected student
  • Transfer to a group or the whole class, the communication between teacher and one student, teacher and a pair of students
  • Teacher as a moderator in all the conferencing activities
  • Student Call, with time delay list of each call received
  • Discrete listening of the selected student, independently from the activity he/she is performing
  • Automatic discrete listening for one group or the
    whole class, auto scan with changeable scanning time