Creation of functional classrooms for learning

We equip the laboratories with ergonomic workstations for teachers and students, including professional tools for effective foreign language learning.


The teacher and student workstations produced by Iain meet both EC safety regulations and the requirements of Legislative Decree No 81/2008. 81/2008. Our wooden furniture is robust and covered in scratch-resistant material and available in various colors. The student workstations are available as single-seat or two-seat with a bulkhead (cabin type) and unbreakable glass front or without bulkhead with PC’s wooden support. The cable duct that houses the cabling and equipment is located under the work surface. The teacher’s table has a side cabinet that is ideal for storing a computer and other devices, and can be locked for more security.


We provide state-of-the-art computers equipped with the latest operating systems to take full advantage of all the features of our multimedia learning software and accessories, for example IFP (Interactive Flat Panel).


The L-H2010 headset has been specially designed for constant and intensive use in the language laboratory, including computer equipment. The headset is equipped with a unidirectional microphone capsule with high ambient noise reduction and guarantees high sound fidelity. Available with M-din, double jack 3.5 mm and USB connector.