Language laboratory activities

Many people decide to take part in a multimedia language laboratory in order to learn a new foreign language. Basically, it has to be said that all the activities that can be carried out in a laboratory must be carried out and proposed to the students according to a certain sequence, which must take into account the starting level of the student and, above all, the various objectives that the student intends to achieve. For this reason, one of the most important roles is played by the teacher, who must bring all the relevant expertise and experience to bear in order to guarantee the student the best way of learning. Obviously, language labs are open to students of all ages and above all, they are organised in such a way as to provide everything necessary to be able to learn the foreign language of interest to the best of their ability, thanks to the use of multimedia content and high-tech equipment aimed at simplifying the entire language learning process as much as possible. Having said this, it is possible to understand how

language labs, to date, certainly represent one of the simplest and fastest ways of learning a new foreign language.

Language labs, as already mentioned, involve the presence of special equipment, which performs the important task of acting as a support for learning a new language: in fact, thanks to the presence of headphones, microphones and PCs, the student can carry out the learning activities in an extremely entertaining manner. . The teacher will periodically load all the necessary material into a special software, which will have the important task of containing all the material necessary for the correct execution of the lessons. Within this software, the teacher will be able to visualise the student’s study progress, evaluate the tests, verify the correct execution of the exercises and much more, in an extremely easy and fast manner. At the same time, through the use of this particular control software, it is possible to determine, and above all to know, what the student is doing at any given time.

Managing activities within a language laboratory

As far as the management of activities in a language laboratorylaboratory is concerned, we see that this follows a particular well-defined scheme: first of all, language laboratories can be considered as true interactive environments, within which teachers and students cooperate with each other to learn a new language through a whole series of grammatical and lexical notions. Obviously, it should be emphasised that the management of all the activities is regulated above all according to the result to be obtained: for this reason, depending on the various objectives to be achieved, the teacher also chooses the best interactive tools to be used to allow the student to learn the language as interactively and efficiently as possible. Obviously, the ultimate goal of all the activities of a multimedia language laboratory recalls the possibility of guaranteeing the student the learning of a new foreign language without any kind of forcing.