Laboratorio Linguistico

5 reasons why language labs are a good investment

Language labs, as already mentioned, involve the presence of particular equipment, which performs the important task of acting as a support for learning a new language: in fact, thanks to the presence of headphones, microphones and PCs, the student will be able to carry out the learning activities in an extremely entertaining manner.

The teacher will periodically load all the necessary material into a special software, which will have the important task of containing all the material necessary for the correct execution of the lessons. Within this software, the teacher will be able to visualize the student’s study progress, evaluate the tests, verify the correct execution of the exercises and much more, in an extremely easy and fast manner. At the same time, through the use of this particular control software, it is possible to determine, and above all to know, what the student is doing at any given time.

Language labs make it possible to practice the four main language skills in a playful and interactive manner: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

5 reasons why a language lab is an excellent investment.

1) Language learning is much faster with a language lab

New technologies make it easier for teachers to interact with their students and provide them with up-to-date exercises.

2) More resources are used in a language lab than in the classroom

It is often used in combination with other resources, such as textbooks, and integrates audio and video elements, which promote learning.

3) Language labs also encourage communication between students and teachers

Thanks to individual interactions between teacher and student in an online classroom, students can learn faster, assimilate more and remember lessons better.

4) Accessible technologies

Teachers can use a language lab to easily create highly interactive learning environments where students can learn in a natural environment without the need for complicated technology.

5) Increased pleasure

The future of teaching is also a matter of technology. The use of online technology increases the speed of learning and student retention.