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Is it difficult to use the control software?

The software is completely graphical and uses guided menus: whatever activity the teacher decides to start, just follow the contextual menus until the ‘start’ button is pressed to begin it.

The control software allows management of the activities to be carried out within a multimedia language laboratory. Find out more about how to use it. Discover More

Control software for multimedia language labs

Control software for multimedia language labs is a special type of software that is provided to the teacher at the start of a language course and is used to optimise the work to be done as much as possible. Through the control software,in fact, the teacher will have the possibility of keeping under control the entire list of students taking part in the course and, above all, it will represent an excellent work space in which all the information relating to the modules to be carried out, the examinations taken by the students can be stored and, above all, it offers the possibility of controlling all the students in an optimal manner. Obviously, as these are lessons that do not require classroom presence, it is easy to see how control software is essential. Moreover, the control software for multimedia language labs,once registered, has a licence with no expiry date: this means that, once the control software has been purchased by the institute, there are no annual costs due to updates, for example, and for this reason, once the control software has been purchased by the institute, it has no expiry date and, for this reason, you will always have the right to use it, even if, for example, you change the devices on which to use the software. In addition, for the perfect use of the control software, it is necessary to emphasise that technical training is always provided, which can be followed at your convenience either in person or remotely, so that any type of requirement can be met.

Control software for multimedia language labs: is it complex to use?

When providing a teacher with control software for multimedia language labs,one of the greatest fears of teachers concerns its use, since it is thought that it is extremely complex to use and therefore requires a lot of time before it can be put to good use. In reality, thinking this is very wrong, since the control software for multimedia language labs was created precisely with the intention of being able to be used without great difficulty. In fact, their operation is extremely simple because the control software is mainly graphic and their use is based on the presence of guided menus that allow even those who do not have much experience in the sector to use them without encountering considerable difficulties. Infatti, al momento dell’utilizzo del software di controllo, il docente per poter avviare qualsiasi tipologia di attività non dovrà far altro che seguire tutto il menù contestuale presente fino a premere il tasto ‘’inizio’’ per poter iniziare l’attività di interesse. The control software for multimedia language labs is really very intuitive, which makes it easy to use even for those who do not possess great expertise. In addition, thanks to the control software and the many activities that can be carried out, the teacher will also have the possibility, for example, of providing the student with activities to do, such as homework.