Multimedia Lab: How is language activity managed in the lab?

The teacher has a control software and from this software it is possible to see all the connected students and it is possible to use the software with one’s own “teacher” account so that all personal data is shared with other teachers; it is also essential to give students their own name, so in a simple way it is possible to retrieve all the activities carried out under the same name that the student used to register for the class.

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Multimedia language lab: teaching open to all age groups

A multimedia language laboratory , as the word itself suggests, can be considered as a multimedia environment that allows students, through a series of lessons, to learn one or more foreign languages of interest, thanks to the presence of a specialised teacher. One of the reasons why multimedia language laboratories tend to be increasingly popular is due to the fact that they are open to all ages: that is, there is no age limit for learning a new foreign language thanks to participation in the courses. In fact, multimedia language laboratories are attended both by the youngest learners and by all those adults who wish to learn a new language for different reasons. Learning a new language, especially if one does not have a basic grounding, can be extremely difficult and, for this reason, the presence of a teacher capable of assisting the student is indispensable. In fact, precisely to meet this need, the multimedia language laboratories are based on the presence of a teacher, who will provide the student with all the necessary tools to learn the foreign language in the best possible way and in an absolutely dynamic manner. It is essential to emphasise that the multimedia language laboratory can be followed from anywhere, as the student’s presence is not required: thanks to the presence of special software, the teacher will still be able to monitor the student’s progress throughout the course.

Multimedia language labs: how is the entire language activity managed in the lab?

As already mentioned, the management of the entire activity of teaching one or more foreign languages within a multimedia language laboratoryis based on the presence of special control software, which is suppliedto the teacher in order to be able to control all the course participants but also to be able to keep all the activities to be carried out within a single management system in addition to those carried out. In fact, at the beginning of each course, the teacher is provided with the control software for foreign language teaching and this is very useful as it performs various activities: first and foremost, it is the possibility of keeping track of all the users connected and therefore taking part in the course. Each connected student will be identified within the control software by his or her name, so that the teacher, as required, will be able to control all the activities carried out by him or her. At the same time, the teacher will have his or her own personal space in which he or she will be able to find all the information relating to courses, modules, the register of course participants’ names, tests taken by students and much more. Relying on control software is essential, since without it, the perfect organisation of all the work to be done during the course of the year could not be guaranteed.