Learning a second foreign language is certainly not easy, especially when you are an adult: it is, in fact, a task that requires extreme attention and a predisposition to learn and, above all, it requires the detailed planning of all the didactic contents necessary to ensure that students learn the language of interest correctly. The methods to make teaching a second language effective are manifold and are also very valid, whether for children or adolescents, or for adults. Thanks to the development of new technologies, teaching a new language today is undoubtedly simplified.

Making the learning of a new language effective is certainly not simple, as the theoretical part must be accompanied by a practical part that allows the student to ‘put into practice’ all the notions studied during the course of the lessons. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the tools to make learning a foreign language more effective is to make use of multimedia content, as it allows courses to be conducted thanks to the presence of both audio and video content: all this allows students to immediately put into practice the teaching received.

What must the learning of a new foreign language be able to guarantee?

The learning of a new foreign language, in order to be defined as effective, must be able to guarantee a whole set of tools that, at the end of the duration of the course, enable the student who has practised the course, to speak the language of interest fluently and efficiently, so as to achieve mastery of the language being studied. For this reason, when choosing a language course, one must make sure that it provides everything necessary to allow for the right combination of practice and theory. Fundamentally, the teaching of a foreign language, in order to be defined as effective, must be able to be based on two different systems: the first, which basically concerns the study of grammatical rules, and the second, which involves the use of the right teaching formulas.

What is the right strategy to use to make teaching a new foreign language effective?

To date, one of the ideal strategies to make the teaching of a new foreign language effective is to use multimedia tools, as these allow for dynamic teaching, which can be used by both adults and children, with surprising results in both cases, just like the case of Lain Lab, which provides software and hardware to allow for language learning in a fully interactive manner. Thanks to the presence of tools and stations for multimedia classrooms, it is possible to guarantee the perfect combination of practical and theoretical lessons.

In fact, thanks to the creation of lessons characterised by the presence of audio and video content,it is possible to perfectly combine practice and theory, so that each student, at the end of the lessons, can go on to take exams and practice exercises.