Language Learning – Online Language Laboratory

Today, the advent of online language labs has revolutionised the traditional method of learning a new foreign language. Classical lectures, considered obsolete and uninspiring for the learner, have given way to more and more technological methods that can make the learner more active and more willing tolearn a new foreign language.. All this has been made possible by the advent of online language labs, which, thanks to the perfect organisation of all the details, are able to guarantee effective learning as well as a dynamic and fun learning environment for the students themselves.

Online language labs: why are they beneficial for the student?

The advent of online language labs for learning a new foreign language has proven to be highly effective not only for the students, but also for the teacher himself. Thanks to these labs, in fact, it is possible to take advantage of all the features necessary to create a virtual teaching environment that is effective and highly intuitive for the student himself. Through the online lessons, the learner has access to a large amount of content, which is readily provided by the teacher himself, all organised in the form of multimedia content.

Online language labs: learning a new foreign language through live classes

Online language labs are organised in such a way as to create real live teaching classes. Through these, each teacher has his or her own study group, and each student has the opportunity to learn and interact virtually within the class, just like in a real classroom. Thanks to the presence of all the necessary tools such as, for example, microphones, headphones and PCs, each student has the opportunity to practise, safe in the knowledge that he or she is being listened to by the teacher. In addition, each teacher, just like in a real classroom, can choose whether to assign activities in pairs or tasks to be carried out independently.