Why choose a multimedia language lab?

The concept of multimedia language labs , has changed considerably in recent times. Whereas previously, the term language lab was used to indicate a lab that involved the use of paper manuals, audiocassettes and analogue recorders to enable the learning of a new language, today, however, thanks to the development of new technologies and, above all, thanks to the Internet, the concept of language lab has changed considerably. In fact, thanks to the use of numerous technological tools, a simple computer lab equipped with a PC and headphones, for example, can easily be transformed into a multimedia language lab useful for enabling students to easily learn a new language. It has been seen, in fact, that a multimedia language laboratory is the ideal tool for fostering a student’s positive attitude towards studying: thanks to these new-generation systems, in fact, the student is encouraged, guaranteeing easier learning of foreign languages

Multimedia language lab: why might it be an advantageous choice?

Opting for a multimedia language lab could prove to be an extremely advantageous option for several reasons. First of all, it must be said that, thanks to multimedia language labs ,, learning foreign languages can be considered as a real interactive activity, capable of involving young and old in a much more effective way than a classic lesson, which in many respects could prove much more boring. In fact, thanks to the software on which multimedia language labs are based, multimedia language labs , to create entertaininglessons,aswellasexercises of various types, capable of stimulating the student without making him or her bored. Moreoverthe multimedia language labs are also characterised by a rather simple interface: for this very reason, there is no age limit in their use and in this way, young and old alike will have the opportunity to learn a new language. It is important to emphasise that linguistic and multimedia labs can be used very effectively in any type of school, regardless of the order and grade; furthermore, they can also be used without particular difficulty by all those private companies that are looking for technological tools that can guarantee their employees the learning of a new language in an easy way.

Multimedia language laboratories: the Iain software

To date, Lain software can be considered one of the main brands for the creation and development of hardware and software to enable the learning of new foreign languages through the use of multimedia language laboratories.. In particular, over the years our company has specialised in setting up language laboratories,useful for enabling students of any age group, but also workers or adults, to learn new foreign languages. The operation of this software is not at all complicated, which guarantees easy and immediate use. In addition, by opting for a multimedia language laboratory from Lain, each teacher will be able to make his or her work area as personalised as possible, allowing lessons to be organised in an interactive manner.