What is a multimedia language laboratory?

The use of multimedia language labs to enable the proper teaching of foreign languages has beengainingmomentum in recent times. Obviously, it is well known that teaching a new foreign languagetakestimeand,above all, requires the presence of a series of tools, which, if used correctly, allow the student and the teacher to interact in an extremely dynamic and, above all, simplified manner. The use of multimedia language laboratories,in this sense, can be extremely positive, as it offers all the toolsnecessary to ensure the correct teaching of a new foreign language. The Multimedia language labs arereplacing the classic face-to-face lessons. The motivation for this is due to the fact that students, regardless of their age group, find participation in a multimedia language lab to be undoubtedly muchmorestimulating than a normal face-to-face lesson. Thanks to these practical systems, it is possible to learn a new foreign language, thus making a task that normally requires a long and careful planning of the teaching materials for the students much easier.

Multimedia language laboratory: the ideal solution for all age groups

Learning a new language is undoubtedly a fascinating activity, and at the same time, it is also age- neutral: regardless of the age of the person interested in learning a new language, everyone can have the opportunity to learn a new language in a fun way. Opting for a multimedia language laboratory can bring with it numerous advantages, above all because it is an activity that can be accessed in any location: unlike face-to-face lessons, in which on-site presence is required, the multimedia language laboratory can be followed anywhere in the world and for this reason, it is also the ideal solution for workers; furthermore, it is a tool that can be used directly online: in fact, it only requires a browser in order to be used. Finally, the multimedia language laboratory offers the possibility of using any tool necessary to allow the teacher to assess the student’s learning level, thus guaranteeing perfect control of the learning status.

Lain: creating multimedia language labs

Lain is a company specialising in the creation of multimedia language laboratories.. Thanks to our software and hardware, learning foreign languages has never been easier or faster. We provide tools that are continuously updated, so that we can guarantee all the technical support necessary for their perfect functioning. Our systems can be used in an absolutely user-friendly manner, both by students and teachers. The operation of the software is in fact extremely intuitive, which allows for simplified use. A language laboratory today can be considered as the ideal solution for all those who are looking for a valuable ally to learn a second foreign language. All the necessary material can be organised in an extremely intuitive way, allowing for simplified use.