Lain Lab Brings the Best Classroom Management Software

Are you looking for a high-end classroom management software? If yes, check out our classroom management software. We at L.A.I.N SRL develop state-of-the-art class management software and hardware language labs system headsets. Communication is the key to success in a language lab environment. We focus our expertise in creating, managing, and assessing school curriculums and class lesson plans for private and public primary and secondary schools. It is an engaging classroom control software that helps them stay updated with classroom coaching and takes their learning to a whole new level.

The classroom software control brings you classroom technology that helps you in monitoring, collaborating, and communicating, with students effectively and quickly ensuring giving them a powerful learning experience. It works on multiple operating systems.

Our Classroom Management Software or classroom remote control software is user-friendly and feature rich. Here are a few features you can enjoy with this product.

  • Video Streaming
  • Screen Broadcast
  • Work With Files
  • Recording
  • Communication
  • Content Creation
  • Exercises
  • Conference
  • Lock Internet
  • Lock Students Position
  • Lock External USB Devices
  • Lock Applications

This tablet classroom management software is perfectly suited to school use for any grade and order. Even with diverse pedagogical objectives, it serves the purposes of every school and help them manage classroom and language learning. We also provide initial training to our users and help them get acquainted with its multiple features making it easier for them to make its optimal use. We also extend support to them whenever required. We aim to help our society by sharing our know-how with everyone!