NIBELUNG SOFTWARE: What it includes

NIBELUNG Software: the best solution for learning a new language

In recent years, the method of teaching a new foreign language has definitely changed compared to the past: in fact, traditional teaching methods have given way to the use of new technologies, through which the teaching of a new foreign language can take place more quickly and dynamically. Nowadays, there are many tools that can be used and they have all been put in place with the aim of making the teaching process, as well as the relationship between student and teacher, as simple as possible.

Currently, the NIBELUNG software is regarded as the ideal type of solution for all those who wish to create multimedia language labs that are not only efficient, but also as engaging as possible for the students.

The NIBELUNG software, in fact, was developed with the main objective of making the teaching of a new language as personalised as possible, as well as the possibility for the teacher to manage the class of students as interactively as possible.

NIBELUNG software: why is it useful and what does it include?

Through the NIBELUNG software, teaching a new language has never been so simple: in fact, thanks to practical solution, it is possible to use up to 10 completely independent audio and video sources at the same time. Thanks to this innovative software, in fact, the teacher will be able to create content, lessons, quizzes and exam papers to be given to the students; all content is available in the form of text, images and audio and video content, so that the lesson can be as dynamic and interesting as possible.

Furthermore, thanks to the NIBELUNG software,each teacher can record his or her own voice, so that the software itself can compare it: through this system, learning a new foreign language will be an exciting and entertaining operation, so that the students, once they have listened, can listen to their own pronunciation and make corrections in order to improve their learning of the new language as efficiently as possible.

In addition, the teacher can use this solution to create quizzes and exam papers for students in the form of multiple-choice and single-choice solutions, drag-and-drop (placing the text of the correct word in the correct position), sequences of words with the correct answer, space-filling and much more.

NIBELUNG software: the best solution for learning a new language and for interpreting

The greatest advantage of the NIBELUNG software is that it is not only a valuable tool for teachers and language learners, but also for interpreting, as it is the ideal solution for performing language exercises in the laboratory.

Lain Lab is able to take care of all aspects relating to the NIBELUNG software, acting as an ideal reference point for the installation of this technological software to facilitate the learning of a new foreign language.