Lain Lab


Nowadays, traditional methods of teaching a new foreign language have given way to new technologies, with all the countless advantages that this entails. Today, learning a new foreign language is extremely efficient thanks to multimedia language labs,which offer students of any age group the possibility of learning a new language thanks to the use of high-tech tools, such as interactive language learning software: these are not only highly effective for the student, but also for teachers, who have numerous solutions at their disposal for organising lessons in the best possible way.

Multimedia language laboratory: what are the main advantages?

Multimedia language labs for learning a new foreign language are extremely advantageous for several reasons: first of all, through this solution, the student will be more involved during the course of the lessons, thus guaranteeing him the possibility of learning the new language of interest in an effective and dynamic manner. Secondly, a multimedia language lab offers all the necessary equipment to allow students and students to have at their disposal, in the dedicated workstation, everything they need to be able to follow the lessons, such as: headphones, Internet connection, microphones, the latest hardware and software.

Multimedia language labs: many advantages also for the teacher

The reasons for considering opting for a multimedia language lab as the ideal solution are not only to be found in the countless advantages that can be obtained by the students, but also in those that can be obtained by the teachers: by setting up a multimedia language lab,the teacher has the possibility of being able to organise and customise his or her own work area, organising it according to his or her own teaching method: thanks to dedicated software and hardware, each teacher can create content, exam papers, videos, audio and images of various types, all of which are extremely useful for the student.