Making Language Learning Effective

The use of the right software laboratorio linguistico has many benefits:-

  • Conventional methods of learning a second language or a foreign language emphasized upon theory-based learning. So while it was good with theories it somewhere failed in helping students with the right pronunciation or picking the correct verbal tones. Also students could understand probably what their trainer said but were unable to or found it difficult to understand when a native spoke the language. The software laboratorio linguistico addresses these issues effectively and provides for a comprehensive learning environment to the students.
  • Using this software the teachers are able to keep an eye on the activities of each individual student and watch their progress. The software enables them to test students so that the teachers can ascertain the progress of students.
  • The rete didattica softwareconnects the computers inside the language labs. It is the system that enables teachers to view in real-time what the students are doing on their terminals – what activities they are doing and what is progress on these activities. On an individual as well as on a collective class basis the teacher is able to monitor each and every student with the entire control of the class placed in his hands. Due to the presence of this software, students cannot disconnect from their teachers at any time; thus making the teacher supreme authority in the lab.
  • Using the rete didattica software, teachers are also able to:-
  • Have remote access to students’ computer
  • Block off internet from the desktop of the student
  • Block off the USB ports on the student terminal
  • Has complete control over the classroom – has centralized powers to switch on and off systems and programs.
  • Send their screen to each individual screen altogether to or to selected few.
  • Recall individual students’ screen to the teacher screen and to all the other screens.
  • Send messages to individual students as well as collectively to all
  • Making language learning interesting and effective, the digital language lab software is undoubtedly is helping students learn at their pace, get solutions to their queries while enabling teachers to always monitor student progress live.

Interactive Language Lab Software

It is a technologically advanced age, and choosing the language lab software is the best decision for any educational institution. Today, the methods of imparting education worldwide have drastically changed. A lot of educational institutions and universities across the globe are utilizing advanced technology and implementing innovative ideas to facilitate education to the students.

There are many educational institutions that provide the student’s opportunity to learn a foreign language as a part of the curriculum. There are many benefits of learning a foreign language and the language lab software is a useful tool that facilitates interaction and engagement in the classroom. The students get a better learning experience. This software manifolds the possibility for interactivity and individualization by managing the progress remotely. It helps increase the learning time that students spend actively and help improve performance and results.

The language lab demand is augmenting and is highly valued at universities and educational institutions as they offer a structured learning environment. Using language lab softwareoffers many benefits-

  • Comprehensive learning- using the language lab the teachers can monitor the students’ progress. The progressive training help student to achieve their goals in a structured manner.
  • Quick Learning- The language labs are interactive course helps the students’ learn a language at a much faster pace than in a regular classroom.
  • Better Communication- The language Labs encourage better communication between teachers and students. It has tools that help create a group, promote the message, access the student’s community, etc.
  • Diversity- it allows more diversity in the classroom as the teachers can give attention to each student and evaluate them in the real-time.
  • Easy to use- The software is not complex and their features are easy to understand.

The Language lab software is very helpful in making students and professionals proficient in the foreign language. If looking to implement Language lab software then ensure getting the best and the latest version that easily fulfils all the requirements in an efficient manner.

Interpreter Training Lab

A new version of NIBELUNG is available

We are happy to announce that NIBELUNG 2.5 has been released.

This summer we added a lot of small improvements and bug fixes to make working with the program more enjoyable and efficient for both teachers and for students.

Now we are working hard on the next big release with a great number of new features.

As always, this upgrade is provided FREE of charge to all NIBELUNG users!


Version 2.4 of NIBELUNG released

New version of NIBELUNG was released in June 2014. This is a very important update which adds a bunch of new features such as:

  • Recording pairs or groups of students, allows teachers to record and playback student dialogues;
  • Simultaneous audio source & student voice recording, allows for practicing simultaneous interpreting;
  • Internet access control by URL, now teachers have the ability to block (or allow) a specific webpage on a site but not whole website;
  • Monitor students through webcams, so the teacher can remotely observe the work of the class;
  • Significant upgrade of video-streaming capabilities from various sources and playing video files.

This upgrade is provided FREE of charge to all NIBELUNG users!